Estoniandie?… Indiestonian?… >>

In an effort to ensure that our IMF (Indie Music Filter) distances itself from that other, less fan friendly, IMF (International Monetary Fund), I believe my first posting of ’08 should improve international relations. To that end, I present to you the label Seksound, out of Estonia.

When I did some digging, I learned that Estonian music has always had forward leanings that separate it from the pack of much of eastern Europe, and the former Soviet Bloc nations in particular. Rock, Metal, and Punk were quite popular in the Estonian underground from the 1960’s right through to the 90’s, often drawing the ire of the Soviet authorities, despite the fact that American music was largely unreachable.

Currently, the Estonian indie scene is alive and well, and bands like Popidiot, Honey Power, and Mirabilia are broadening the horizons for Seksound’s developing stable of artists. It all makes me wonder if there’s something in the water of the Baltic that’s producing good music. Check out the live video of Honey Power below and see for yourself.