Etsy x Art & Crafts Present: Hayden and Son of a Woodcutter

To celebrate their partnership at the upcoming Fieldtrip Music Festival this Saturday, Etsy and Arts & Crafts teamed up in a collaboration that brought two of their artists together in a unique video project. Pairing singer-songwriter, Hayden with Etsy artist and woodworker, Jack Fouracre of Son of a Woodcutter, they explored the parallels between both artists’ creative process.

The video follows Hayden as he met with Jack in his studio to build a coffee table out of old wood panels and talk about their method, aesthetic and motivations as artists.  Finding common ground in pursuing their art above all else, Hayden and Jack talk about staying truly independent by taking artistic control over all aspects of production. For Jack that means sourcing reclaimed wood, building something out of discarded materials and branding his pieces with his signature logo. While Hayden oversees the engineering, mixing and producing of his records, often playing all of the instruments on the record.

If you’re in Toronto this weekend, best thing going on is Field Trip.  Look for the Etsy Marketplace there (featuring 10 local handpicked vendors).