Indie Music Filter’s Favorite Videos of 2010


I went through all the videos I posted this year on the site and these were my favorite videos. Check out the widget below to watch them all. The full list is below.

“young blood” – naked and famous
“love is all” – tallest man on earth
“blue blood” – foals
“americanarama” – hollderado
“aerobics in space” – maylee todd
“infinity guitars” – sleigh bells
“through the night” – grum
“after dark” – the count & sinden (feat mystery jets)
“radar detector” – darwin deez
“fireworks” – the hoof and heel
“divisive “-we have band
“the suburbs” – arcade fire
“bullfighter jacket” – miniature tigers
“collateral” – worship
“kentucky pill” – johnny flynn
“lucidity” – tame impala
“vultures” – the pass
“hey cool kid” – cloud nothings
“Animal Arithmetic” – Jonsi
“Loserspeak In New Tongue” -Parades
“russia” – ramona falls
“islands” -the xx
“drunks girls” – lcd soundsystem
“i feel better” -hot chip
“O.N.E.” – yeasayer
“despicable dogs” – small black
“elephants” – warpaint
“constellations” – darwin deez