Finally!!! I’m back

Do you see that post below this one?? The one that says testing 123?? That was part of a five day quest to figure out what the hell happened to Indie Music Filter. Its probably not worth it to get into the details, but it equates to someone you don’t know, coming over while you are at work, hiding your keys, rearranging your books and using all of the toilet paper.

I left post 577 (formerly known as post 0) there as a reminder, or a memento.

Thanks to the good people at Wondershop, I was able to get to the root of the problem. Not only do they provide solid customer support, but they design great websites and take care of all your hosting needs.

Here’s a couple sites they’ve done: Lily Frost, Aporia Records, Gillian Margot.

So, this means I’ll be posting again. If I have the time, expect some thoughts on CMW as well as all things SXSW (7 more days and counting).