The Flaming Lips Covered by Fossil Collective

Do you realise that Wayne Coyne, is on fire. The Lead singer for the Flaming Lips has just finished up their tour with Tame Impala for their new album The Terror and appeared on a track for Moby’s eleventh studio album Innocents. So you can only imagine the task set before one in an attempt to cover one of the most well known Flaming Lips tracks, not to mention, from a band who’ve been active for 30 years.

With the hummings of Grizzly Bear, the echoes of Fleet Foxes and the moody atmosphere that Folly & The Hunter conjure up – Fossil Collective have just released an EP called Water. I’m ready to join the collective and wave any necessary beacons to draw more attention to this two piece band from Leeds.

It’s even better live.