Fool For Love

A few weeks back, I posted a brand new track from Lord Huron called “The Night We Met” and an album trailer called Strange Trails.  Today I’ve learned that the album will come out April 7th via IAMSOUND and the song (below) “Fool For Love” also appears on the record.  For me (and many others), we’re hoping this record can take over where their 2012 critically acclaimed album Lonesome Dreams left off.   Turns out, the two records are indeed linked.

Strange Trails was written and produced by frontman Ben Schneider and recorded at the band’s own Whispering Pines studio in Los Angeles.  The record is an anthology of weird fiction—a new collection of tales from the world introduced on Lonesome Dreams.  Schneider explains, “There’s no direct narrative connection between the two albums. The stories here are separated by time, location and characters. Many of the themes have carried over and evolved.”

I’ll admit, when I first put on “Fool For Love”, it felt a little too much like a few songs on Lonesome Dreams.  But I’m really only a couple listens in, we’ll see how it grows on me.