VIDEO: “Just Yet” by For Esmé

Throughout the month of December Toronto band For Esmé have decided to donate all album and single proceeds to benefit the Canadian Mental Health Association’s Holiday Gift Program (which provides personal care items to at-risk people during the holiday season).

The inspiration for this comes from their latest video “Just Yet”, which draws on the band’s own experience with mental health issues. The hope is to bring mindfulness to the fact that this is a difficult time of year for many, and also to give people the opportunity to be socially conscious in this spend-heavy time of year.

For me, the song is about the journey to refind yourself after experiencing an emotionally devastating moment,” video director D.W.Waterson says. “When you’re dizzy within your own darkness and you have to relearn who you are. Wandering through new territory you ultimately grow, becoming stronger then you once were before, rising up to a new you.”