VIDEO: “Woke Up Hurting” by Frightened Rabbit

A characteristic of today’s music industry is that too many album releases just sneak up on you. In an ocean of new music coming at me from every direction, I find this even happens to me for bands that I’m a dedicated fan of, including Frightened Rabbit. Their latest album Painting Of A Panic Attack was released to my surprise on Friday, which I might have known previously, yet that knowledge just didn’t stick with me. Perhaps that lead up time between announcement and release is getting shorter, or in a digital world artists are able to produce more fluidly, without having to lay massive groundwork leading up to an album.  Either way, I queued the album up for weekend listening.

The 12-track effort marks the Glasgow outfit’s fifth studio effort following 2013’s Pedestrian Verse and was produced by Aaron Dessner of The National at his Brooklyn studio.  This record sees Frightened Rabbit incorporate new elements of electronic music into their folk rock sound and some are saying its their most accomplished collection yet. The songs were written during a period of transition for the band, especially for frontman and lead songwriter Scott Hutchinson, who moved to Los Angeles to live with his girlfriend.

Recommended listening, any one of the singles appearing everywhere including “Get Out“, “Death Dream” , “Lump Street“.  And “Woke Up Hurting”, in video form below.

Here’s a video about the making of the album.

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