The Ghosts Are Dancing

I’ve been wanting to write this post for quite some time now, but somehow life happened and it got trapped between work, friends and sleep.  This track, however, kept getting me through bus rides and helping me wind down before going to bed, so it is absolutely mandatory that the first words I manage to write here are dedicated to Molo, a London-based duo that deserve way more attention than they’re getting.

I’m talking about “The Ghosts Are Dancing”, the first single from Molo‘s EP.  Recently, I was a bit obsessed with their track “Hello Goodbye“, where Catarina Moreno’s beautiful voice already featured, so I wasn’t too surprised when I realized that this new track was taking a life of its own and merging with my emotions as neatly.

I cannot describe “The Ghosts Are Dancing” rationally, simply because this is the kind of music you need to feel, not read about.  But I promise you, Molo will get your ghosts moving with their emotionally charged beats and sounds – and something tells me they are here to stay.