Give me Eves Any Day

I have a confession to make.

Sitting down at your ‘puter with notebooks sprawled out around you, legs crossed, earphones in and the volume turned up loud.  This sounds like an everyday quirk right?  Oh wait, smack in some beautiful tunes and you’ve got possibly one of the most standard predispositions known to modern man.

Here’s the catch.

That beautiful tune came to me after a record label I follow on Twitter posted the link. *shudder* dare I say it slowly the song is actually the soundtrack for A Tourism Campaign for Brisbane.

I’m not as ashamed as I was when I thought the band’s name was actually “Give Me Brisbane Any day” for a few seconds.  Now that the embarrassed nerdy cat’s out the bag – it’s a soundtrack that introduced me to Brisbane band Eves, so I’m not the slightest perturbed how I caught on to them.  We’re all friends here.

The young Brisbane artist Hannah Karydas and her band have released a few other tracks to date “Zen” and “Heavy“.  For me, this one was dynamic enough to catch my attention irrespective of what it was commissioned for.  Perhaps the lesson is that it really is just about the music in the end of the day.  Holiday in Brisbane anybuddy?