Gonna Listen To T.Rex (All Night Long) by Burnt Ones

burnt ones

Who: Burnt Ones from Indianapolis.

What: Are you a band looking to get a record deal? Don’t go after labels, hit up bloggers.

Similar to Gorilla vs. Bear opening Forest Family Records and signing Cults, popular (and one of my favorites) blog My Old Kentucky Blog have opened a cleverly titled label Roaring Colonel Records. On August 10th, the label will be releasing the debut album from San Francisco-via-Indianapolis trio Burnt Ones called Black Teeth & Golden Tongues. ‘A self-produced, 11-song trip through wall of sound s蠮ces and blissed out rock ‘n’ roll, with doses of psych, sun, spit and girl group worship’, if the song below is any indication, I’m totally all over it.

Good on you bloggers.

Song: Gonna Listen To T.Rex (All Night Long)

roaring colonel