A little bit of personal background that isn’t relevant unless you want to fully understand the impact this track had on me: I’ve been quite ill and mostly sedated for the past month, which means I spend most of my days drifting between dream and quasi-awareness.  Music is background rather than a character.  To my surprise, Zola Blood‘s first ever release “Grace” became more than that; it stepped into my consciousness, broke into my dreams and became the whole story for every minute of the song.

The beautiful vocals and lyrics resonated in me.  The piercing reverb and delicate guitars made my eyes flicker.  The song is perfectly executed and perfectly produced, but most of all it is perfectly forged emotion.

There is a great aura of mystery around Zola Blood – no one knows who they are or where they come from, and I usually feel that this kind of approach is nothing more than an empty marketing move.  With Zola Blood, this suits me just fine.  Their music is discarnate and fully available for the listener to harness.  For almost four minutes, “Grace” is mine.  And I can’t wait to hear more.