Guest Playlist: Going Solo

To keep up with running regular guest posts on Indie Music Filter, I got in touch with Mattia Villa from Italy-based music blog Going Solo, who went beyond the call of duty and made two playlists today for this site.

When we founded Going Solo more than a year ago, we’d never expected that it would end up spending most of our free time on it. We’ve always been moved by a strong passion, but run a blog completely on our own has been our salvation. It has renewed our interest in music, letting us discover a lot of new opportunities and, needless to say, fantastic artists. Everyday we wake up knowing that great new songs are out there and our job is to spread the word about them, so that many people as possible can listen to good music. When Chris asked us to create a guest playlist for his blog, we gladly accepted. We love making playlists and we take their creation very seriously. We don’t want them to be merely a list of songs.  We want there to be consistency between the tracks. That’s why we decided to compile not one, but two different playlist, both of which represent well our musical taste. Let us know which one you prefer via Twitter (@wearegoingsolo) and always remember to fly casual!  – Mattia Villa, Going Solo