Half Of Me On Holidays: The XX/Vitaminsforyou, Broken Bells, Arkells

I’m in the office until wednesday of this week and I do plan on blogging a lot this month, but I’ve gotta admit that half of me is already on vacation. The other half is writing this post.

Found a post on Big Stereo with a link to a video by Vitaminsforyou remixing the song ‘Shelter’ by The XX. Making something chill even more, the video form is above, Big Stereo has the mp3.

You can download the first song from Broken Bells, the collaboration between Danger Mouse and James Mercer from The Shins. Its at their homepage and its called ‘The High Road’.

Finally, if you live in Toronto, you might like to hear what’s happening at the Shoe tomorrow night. Arkells are set to play a very special “Motown Dance Set”, supported by The Order Of Good Cheer and Hollerado. Doors open at 9:00 pm and it should be busy. All donations collected will be split between the Canadian Cancer Society and the OSPCA.