Happy Thanksgiving (Canada)!!

from Awkward Family Photos

Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, which means a couple things. Most likely, I’ll eat too much and regret the entire holiday. Also, I’ll probably be working for a good part of the weekend. Seems to happen the same way every year.

But, its a good time to hang out with family, relax and enjoy fall weather. Bust out some sweaters. Or more likely bust out of some sweaters.

Before the weekend though, I’m thinking you might want to know about:

-Good news, this is happening.

-Shot some footage last night with my Flip at the Octoberman CD release at the Dakota Tavern. This video came out a little jumpy, but totally my fault. Gotta work on keeping that hand steady.

The Tallest Man On Earth recorded a Daytrotter session.

Sleepless Nights have new music available, a free download of the EP King Diamond here (the first of three free EPs). Say that three times fast.