LISTEN: “Coastline” by Hollow Coves

It’s always nice to get some follow-up on bands that I post about here on Indie Music Filter.  Almost two years ago, I posted “The Woods” by Australian duo Hollow Coves, a track which a bunch of other blogs liked just as much as me, and it climbed to #1 on the Hype Machine.
Let’s see how this next track does, take a listen to “Coastline”.

Introspective and understated, ‘Coastline’ wells with the kind of optimism that can only be found through surrounding oneself in nature. Tapping into a universal yearning for escape to a simpler, more beautiful life, the song was penned after Hollow Coves discovered their shared love of travelling along Australia’s coasts. ‘Coastline’ sprung forth from a mutual nostalgia and thirst to find themselves zipping past crystal-blue seas and scorching white sands once more.

Hollow Coves‘ upcoming debut EP Wanderlust carries itself calmly and steadily, engulfing its listener like a gentle breeze that whispers softly the truths of the wayfaring nomad. Thematically, Hollow Coves see travel and the intrepid spirit as their muse for the entirety of their upcoming debut EP Wanderlust. With one in England and the other in Canada, the songs began to take shape. Ideas flew back and forth across the seas, their crude beginnings as “dodgy iPhone recordings played on hostel guitars” eventually maturing when Hollow Coves reunited in a little apartment in Toronto. The bare bones of Wanderlust were laid down at Montreal’s Indica Studios, then achieved a sort of full-circle closure, fleshing out in Hollow Coves’ home of Brisbane, Australia.