“Hollywood” (Featuring Penguin Prison) by RAC


Congrats to André Allen Anjos of RAC in his first single “Hollywood”, which is released today via Green Label Sound.  The song features Penguin Prison on vocals and really appeals to my love for pop structure.  Its been great to watch André’s career really take off since I heard that first remix years ago.  What started in a dorm room at Southern Illinois’ Greenville College has now made him one of the most in-demand remix DJs out there.  Now RAC takes the spotlight and shows us what he can create from scratch.

I’m really not surprised though that this track is great.  If you listen to a lot of his remixes, he is in a way making brand new songs, creating more like a songwriter than a DJ would.  In some cases making me love the remix way more than the original.  What happens now though when RAC decides to remix RAC?

Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Grab the song for free here.

Here’s a little video about André.