Hottest Canadian Bands, 2007 edition

Head to I (heart) Music to see who was voted in the top 33 hottest bands in Canada (hottest meaning as best, most hyped or most popular. interpretation was up to the voter). A big list of bloggers, writers and music industry people who are keeping an eye on whats going on.

Here’s what I sent in.

1) Caribou

2) The Arcade Fire

3) Patrick Watson

4) Miracle Fortress

5) Wintersleep

6) Sunset Rubdown

7) Basia Bulat

8 ) Kevin Drew (**only choice of mine that didn’t make the top 33)

9) Handsome Furs

10) Besnard Lakes

I always find it hard to make a list like this every year because inevitably I forget a couple names. ie. I forgot the #1 choice, you know, that girl from the ipod commercial?