I Dont Wanna Lose by The End Of The World

Who : The End Of The World from Brooklyn.

What : ‘Sticking together is what good waffles do ‘. And like good waffles, Stefan Marolachakis and Benjamin Smith have managed to stay together, meeting 9 years ago in Spanish class, forming a band, lasting past 14 bass players and one fistfight. Now, they’ve recorded and self-produced a second full length album (French Exit , out on Flameshovel /Pretty Activity Nov. 4th), addressing the ‘growing pains of boys becoming men and transitioning into adulthood, or at least attempting to do so ‘. Check the song below, for fans of Hamilton Leithauser’s (The Walkmen ) vocal shrill.

Song : I Don’t Wanna Lose . Also, we posted the great video for this song. Check it out .