Made In Iceland

It was Sigur Ros ‘s documentary Heima that made me really interested in the country of Iceland. From such a diverse environment comes a vibrant and ever-evolving music scene, captured in The Iceland Music Export ‘s newest compilation called ‘Made In Iceland ‘. 15 tracks by key Icelandic artists who have ‘captivated audiences in their native homeland and also audiences all over the world ‘. Most names on this disc are unknown to me at the moment, but I’m getting familiar with Iceland’s next music ambassadors.

Check out:

Seabear – Libraries . Surprisingly enough, this track made me instantly think of Seawolf ! Enchanting melodies with a soft-spoken aesthetic.

Emiliana TorriniMe And Armini . Indie-reggae with sweet, sweet vocals.

Get the compilation at iTunes . Or read/listen more here .