I was dying to know..

Here a little trivia about Toronto. If you’ve been here, around the intersection of Queen and University, you might have noticed a tower with moving lights on top of the Canada Life Building. Its a beacon tower that reports the weather conditions through a system of coloured and moving lights.

When the top light is:

  • Green: clear weather
  • Red: cloudy weather
  • Flashing White: Snow
  • Flashing Red: Rain

When the tower lights are lit up:

  • Running up: warmer temperature
  • Running down: cooler temperature
  • Steady: no change

If you see this lit up during the day, its predicting the weather at night. If you see the tower during the night, its telling you what its going to be like tomorrow.

Can’t see the tower from where I am right now, and if you had asked me a little while ago, I would have come up with something completely different. It’s now gotta be green, moving lights and things are looking up.

And the song Powerlines by The Western States Motel is playing in the background. Shins fans, take a listen.

Beacon Tower