I Will Not Return As A Tourist

Hey Friends,

Here’s Winnipeg, MB artist Micah Visser (aka Boniface) with the stunning debut single “I Will Not Return As A Tourist”.

That song has stuck with me for so long,” says Visser. “It’s one of the first songs I ever wrote, and it kept popping up and kept being relevant to my life. It’s a song about feeling kind of restless and feeling a little bit helpless, like you’re more of a spectator in your own life. The line ‘I will not return as a tourist’ is a resolution to be more active in your own life and wanting to be a participant and not an observer.”

Now about my extended absence.  Are you like me in wondering, by my posting of this song, is it a sign that I’m back to keeping this online musical journey going?  Maybe, probably. I’m willing to give it another go.