Icky Blossoms

icky blossoms

I’m slowly getting everything back on track here, but I’ve gotta admit, there’s not enough hours in the day.  Apologies for no updates on the blog while I was at SXSW (which was amazing), but I was taking a few shots on my Instagram account.  I’m not really set up as one of those blogs that will report on events as they happen.  I’m a recommender and I do have a ton of great bands to send your way.

This band I found out about through my friend Season who I’ve logged many sxsw shows with.  We’re always taking about those magical moments of the festival, where you walk into a show knowing nothing, or very little about the bands playing, and one of them blows you away.  Unfortunately, I was not at the show Season saw, but Omaha’s Icky Blossoms did it for her.

They were not on my radar until I got the tip, but I’m digging in.  Starting with a song from the beginning of this year, here’s “Perfect Vision”.  Download it here.