Important Note for iPhone/iTouch users

You might remember a little while back when I created another version of this blog called Indie Music Filter Mobile (I think it’s coming up on a year now actually). It’s a blog feed that is optimized for viewing on the iPhone/iTouch, which posts are fed into my main site ( Apple liked it and we’ve still been writing there just about every day.

Well, I just learned a cool trick today to add this site to your iPhone/iTouch Home Screen. Here’s how to do it.

1) On your iPhone/iTouch browse to

2) Then tap the plus (+) sign on your browser, then hit ‘Add To Home Screen’.

3) Click ‘Add’ on the upper right corner (you can change the text for the site name to something shorter like ‘IMF Mobile’ if you like).

4) Voila! See below. It won’t look different than any app you might get in the iTunes store, its essentially just a icon with a bookmark. I thought it was pretty cool though.