In Folds.

Finally, finally, finally! Icky Blossoms just released the first track from their forthcoming album, ‘Mask’, and it’s as awesome as you would expect it to be if you heard their first album! I confess I’ve been waiting for this for a while…

But ok, first things first. For those of you who never heard of Icky Blossoms before (you’re missing out!), they’re an electronic trio from Omaha, Nebraska, and they are incredible. Just to give you an idea of how impressed I was with their work, the first gift I ever gave my boyfriend was their special edition vinyl. They are bold, experimental, sometimes freaky, sometimes romantic, often sexy and, most of all, incredibly interesting. You’ll never get bored. So go ahead and listen to “In Folds”, it’s totally worth a few plays on repeat.

P.S. – ‘Mask’ will have a 3D cover, so the physical versions of the album will come with 3D glasses. Quirky!