Indie Music Filter On Flud


2012 seems to be the year to read my blog on a mobile device or tablet as I’ve been included again as a featured blog, this time on a new social news reader for iPhone and iPad users call Flud.   Here’s a blurb from the app:

Flud is the news reader where everyone has a news personality. For the first time ever, the things you read give you topical credibility among your friends and followers.
People use Flud to follow industry trends, blogs of their friends and news that affects their daily life. Best of all, you can see what other people are reading. Follow friends who share your interests or follow someone you idolize to learn more about what inspires them.

Flud 2.0 launches your news personality from Bobby Ghoshal on Vimeo.

I’m using the iPhone version which works great.  Anyone want to send me an iPad so I can see how it looks on there?