Indie Music Filter: Volume 2

I love making mix cds. or playlists.

I made one over the holidays as my ‘best of ’06’ double disc. My cd burner worked more hours than Rudolf did near the end of december, pumping out 50 copies (100 discs total). I’m going to skip a little bit of the work this time.

I’ve made a new mix of music I’ve been listening to over the last little while. You’ll hear some Voxtrot, Snowden, Cloud Cult, David Vandervelde, and a bunch others. The main goal in mind? To get you listening to these amazing artists.

Download Volume 2 here. *Its a big file (77Mgs) so it will take some time to download.

Volume 2

**One thing I should mention, all the tracks on this disc fall into a couple different categories. They either agreed to post their mp3 on my site, or their music has been made available on the net by a part of their team (homepage, myspace page, label page, publicity company, etc.). If you’d like off the disc, send me an e-mail.