Indie Music Filter’s Favorite Videos Of 2011

Of all the year end posts that I put together on this blog, I always have the most fun putting together this one.  Here’s a list of a whole whack of videos I think you should see from this year.  I wasn’t able to put them all in order of favorite to least, but I was able to make my top four.

1. “True Loves” by Hooray For Earth.  This video makes me think of Planet of the Apes meets Inception.  Beautiful and interesting locations, great special effects and a perfect fit to the song.

2. “Yes I Know” by Memory Tapes.  The closest 2nd ever.  Truly amazing special effects with such an eerie vibe.  A great depiction of someone wasting away.

3. “Lighthouse” by NewVillager.  This is what happens when you spend your entire budget on costumes.

4. “Yours And Mine” by Hot Kid. Technically, this video came out at the end of last year, but after I made last years’ list of best videos.  True fun.

And the full list includes:

rich aucoin – “it”

post war years – “all eyes”

friendly fires – “hurting”

m+a – “bam”

hollerado – “good day at the races”

m83 – “midnight city”

parenthetical girls – “doughnut”

i break horses – “hearts”

bag raiders – “sunlight”

active child – “playing house”

drew smith – “love teeth”

freedom or death – “inside”

jason bajada – “down with the protest”

alexander – “a million years”

cut off your hands – “fooling no one”

hollerado – “got to lose”

heartbeat hotel – “windowsill 1”

stars – “changes”

tv on the radio – “will do”

metronomy – “the look”

phantogram – “when i’m small”

st. vincent – “cruel”

fulton lights – “staring out the window”

youth lagoon – “montana”

hey rosetta! – “yer spring”

You can watch all the videos here on Vodspot.