Intro to Small Plates Records

small plates

This blogger turned label thing is catching on.

IGIF and YVYNYL have announced a joint venture to form Small Plates Records, a label-based cooperative with a goal of initially helping new bands made some 7? vinyl, then eventually moving into a full roster or artists and releases. Their first project will be in the debut vinyl release from NYCsGuards; a7? release with three tracks (Resolution of One is on the a-side, while the double b-side has Crystal Truth and Long Time). A limited run of 500copies on multi-colored vinyl will be available for this release.

IGIF has an mp3 of “Resolution of One” for download.

I wish both IGIF andYVYNYL good luck withSmall Plates Records, chances are, I’m going to love everything they sign.

Question is, will Indie Music Filter ever form a label?

Well, I’m swamped with the publishing company, maybe if I find the time?