Guest Post: Jennifer Smuckler, Lionsgate Television Music

What are you listening to?

When I’m not listening to music for one of our many shows, my music taste tends to be all over the place, depending on my mood. I’ve been consistently listening to those Haim sisters since I first heard them over a year ago and their new album “Days Are Gone” is perfection. Growing up in LA’s San Fernando Valley as well, I have some sort of girl power home town pride with them. I’ve also found myself grooving to Jagwar Ma‘s album “Howlin” when I’m in an Indie dance mood. One particular song I’ve been on a bender with lately is the Australian rockers The Preatures “Is This How You Feel?”. It’s just so fun and infectious, always puts me in such a great mood. On that note, ever since hearing the track “Thunder Clatter” from Nashville’s Wild Cub, it’s been my go to mood booster. It’s insanely catchy and those boys know how to write a truly rich pop song. And finally, when I’m in an emo state, the new Active Child EP, out later this month, melts me, with those piercing lyrics and floating falsetto.

About Jennifer:

Jennifer Smuckler is the Manager for Television Music at Lionsgate Entertainment. She works on such hit shows as Mad Men, Nashville, Orange is the New Black, and Nurse Jackie. You can tweet me @Jsmuck