Jonsi at Sound Academy


I really hope a good live video surfaces of Jonsi� performing his song ‘Grow Till Tall’ (another version of which can be heard in this trailer here).   Easily one of the best songs I’ve ever seen performed live, Jonsi saved the best for last this past friday by performing this masterpiece as the 2nd song of the encore and last of the night.  The song starts soft with Jonsi‘s angelic voice and minimal instrumentation, but as it continues and builds, a wall of sound emerges under a beautiful three note vocal loop.  With each note or sound or effect added, we kept wondering how big the song could get.  Way beyond the point of where I normally get goosebumps, I witnessed the song culminate in a barrage of stunning visuals and outstanding musicianship.

I guarantee everyone who attending that show would agree with me.

All in all, a very entertaining and enjoyable show.  A good mix of softer ‘ballad’ style numbers to poppy, upbeat  songs like ‘Go Do’ and ‘Boy Lilikoi’, there was something for everyone.  A drummer who never plays anything less than complicated fill-ins.  Stage backdrops reminiscent of what you’d see at a musical or play.  Live visuals that enthralled.

Take a look at the video below of  ‘Sinking Friendships’ (live from an earlier show on tour).

jonsi  – sinking friendships (live) from Jonsi on Vimeo.