Currently Listening To: Júníus Meyvant

I owe a big thank you to Lior for passing me a link to “Color Decay” by Icelandic singer/songwriter Unnar Gísli Sigurmundsson (aka Júníus Meyvant).  She caught his set recently at Icelandic Airwaves, sent me a link with BRILLIANT in all caps in the body, with just a link to this one tune.  That’s all I needed to become a fan.

In reading his bio on Facebook, I thought it gave a nice backstory, so why not leave it as is.

As a young boy he was an eccentric to a small degree and he only loved two things, skateboarding and painting. Every now and then he asked the Muses if he should learn to play an instrument but his wild and free behavior terminated his dreams as he was quickly suspended out of music school. All through his teens he rambled on without even considering becoming a musician or even playing any instrument.

In his early twenties Unnar stumbled upon a beat up guitar at his parents’ house and started noodling around. By playing the guitar he managed to tame his inner beast and his sense for songs and melodies burst like rockets. The uncontrollable urge for writing music and constant flow of ideas kept him tossing and turning every night and day forever and a day. For a while he filtered his ideas through a band that didn’t live up to his creative requirements so he decided to undertake his alter ego Júníus Meyvant.

The sound of Júníus Meyvant is a rich and afflicted take on freaky folk pop with a familiar and soulful feel. The feeling you get from listening to Júníus equally as comfortable as resting under a thick wool blanket with a hot cup of cocoa in or even when one settles with an exotic beverage on a hot sandy beach far and away.

Highly recommended for fans of Alexander, check out “Color Decay”.