Just Give It Up

parade of lights

While going through my e-mail today, I came across a message from a guy named Peter with css code to fix the look of my sites’ description.  Originally passing it off as some kind of spam, I eventually came back to the message to learn how I had the description line placed wrong on the front page (the top alignment was off).  Seriously, who takes the time to give you free advice these days?  Peter does.  Thanks again, this track goes out to you.

Parade of Lights are an alt-electro band based in Los Angeles comprised of Ryan Daly and Anthony Improgo.  Blending rock, new wave, and shoegaze and influenced by artists like U2, Depeche Mode and M83, this band comes in as the 2nd great surprise in my inbox today.  For fans of The Big Pink, check out “Just Give It Up” from the EP Born to Live, Born to Love.

Download the track here.