KC Accidental

One of the most inspiring records I’ve ever listened to.

Anthems for the Could’ve Bin Pills by KC Accidental (Noisefactory, 2000).

An experimental project between Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew and Charles Spearin, the music blends between ambient soundscapes and layered minimal-pop epics. This project has had a huge impact on the sound of the first two BSS records. **Actually, if you check out the new video for ‘Fire Eye’d Boy’, Charles Spearin poses the question of writing more instrumentals.

If you:

-are lying under the stars, listen to Is And Of The

-want to hear Emily Haine’s (Metric) earlier work, try Them (Pop Song #3333)

-are people watching on the subway after a long day of bullshit try Silver Fish Eyelashes

KC Accidental