Knight One – A Second Time (feat. L’Étranger)

So what actually happens when you pair two young producers together from two different countries?  One would automatically assume a potential scuffle over a potential misunderstanding?  Fiiiine. I’m just being dramatic – this collaboration was anything but!  IMF readers I would like you to meet Billy, the 21 year old producer from The Hague, Netherlands better known as Knight One and Ben Thomas from the UK who so brilliantly produces and DJ’s under the moniker L’Étranger.

I asked Knight One about the track “A Second Time”, which highlighted L’Étranger’s unique vocals quite perfectly.  After getting to know each other initially through SoundCloud, they finally had a chance to meet up after Ben visited Netherlands for a show.  “The vocal feature by Ben (L’Étranger) is an interesting story which I’ll certainly never forget.” says Billy, “we stayed in touch and a couple months later we both played at the one year anniversary of ‘Paradisco’ – the event series of German trio Les Loups, in Hannover”.  Fast forward a few months to an 8 bar instrumental loop being sent by Billy to Ben who took apparently 10 minutes to send back his first vocal take, “It was all very organic and unplanned in a way, which I feel music should always be.”

More importantly he feels that doing things from a personal, honest and emotive standpoint will always last the longest and resonate the most, a sentiment we all share…