LISTEN: “1000 Times” by Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam

“In the spirit of collaborations, not unlike those of David Byrne and Brian Eno, each musician’s individuality remains in tact, while in fact, both Hamilton’s identity as a singer and Rostam’s as a producer seem to reach new heights”.

“A 1000 Times” started with a beat I made while Hamilton and I were working out of my studio in LA. We picked it back up in New York and finished writing it in Washington, DC. I wanted us to do a song where the snares would crack as hard as Hamilton’s voice. To me, the song became about that interaction between the vocals and the drums. Rostam

“On that first trip we got so much more done than the 1-2 tracks we’d talked about…we had big parts of maybe 5-6 songs. We knew we liked it all, but we hadn’t discussed the amount we wanted to make together. It was kind of a funny moment…like a ‘how far are we taking this relationship?’ kind of thing. I don’t think we made a decision until a few months later, when our next session went well again. At that point it was definitely going to be a lot more than a few tracks on my next solo record.” Hamilton Leithauser