LISTEN: “Absolutely” by Ra Ra Riot

I haven’t made any New Years Resolutions, but in listening to Ra Ra Riot‘s new track “Absolutely” off Need Your Light, I’m inspired to think of my year ahead and wonder what it will be absolutely full of. I’m embracing a positive wave of change and know that January is shaping up to be absolutely awesome (new job prospects, my upcoming yearly dodgeball tournament, my birthday, my 10th BLOG birthday). Let’s hope that January just sets the tone of the year.

“Absolutely” was produced by Ryan Hadlock (Vance Joy, Lumineers, Blonde Redhead) at Bear Creek Studios in Seattle, WA where the band recorded their debut album, The Rhumb Line. The band have added the track to their New Year’s playlist on Spotify and are encouraging fans to create their own New Years playlist with a hashtag of #YearOfAbsolutely.  The band will incorporate tracks from those playlists onto their own.

Since I’m still rocking my Best Of 2015 playlist right now as both an end of 2015 and a beginning to 2016, perhaps the band can pick a tune from that list.

Get playlisting.