Listen to The Juan MacLean’s Disco Epic, “A Simple Design”

From the opening seconds, there’s no hiding it – The Juan MacLean are on a mission to make you dance. This has been the project’s M.O. for over a decade now, but “A Simple Design” exudes a confidence not yet seen by both John MacLean and Nancy Whang.

This new assurance is found in the track’s contrasts: Whang’s deeper tones are rich when bouncing off the ping of the analog synth. It contains much of the repetition we’ve come to know from them, but when it spends such a great deal of time exploring so much tonal depth, the seven minutes and change seem much too short.

Come get lost in the odyssey.  “A Simple Design” will be on the band’s upcoming album, “In A Dream”, out September 16 on DFA.