LISTEN: “Life As It Happens” by Krief

Take a listen to this song “Life As It Happens” from Montreal singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Patrick Krief.  The song (below as a Christopher Mills directed lyric video) is the first single from his forthcoming release and fourth solo record, automanic. The double album is comprised of automanic red and automanic blue, which Krief describes as “autonomous in their flow, yet not meant to be listened to in one sitting.”

Life As It Happens is one of those songs that was written in less than three minutes,” says Krief. “It came to me faster than I could write it down. The vision was to have a steady flowing stream of sounds and textures coming in and out over the three-chord progression, all while telling a story about lost loves, without it being overly negative. Ultimately, it’s a song about hope.”

Known for his integral role in Montreal’s orchestral rock-noir band The Dears, Krief spent a decade with the band crafting a unique style. automanic highlights the contrast of sounds in his solo endeavour.