LISTEN: “Stella Ocean Heart” by Arkells (By Divine Right Cover)

I’m loving this Arkells cover of By Divine Right‘s “Stella Ocean Heart”, from an upcoming star-studded tribute album celebrating 25 years of Jose Contreras’s music.  The album (titled I Want Light) features covers by The Elwins, Sam Roberts, Jim Guthrie, Shotgun Jimmie, Born Ruffians (to name a few) and was curated by Dylan Hudecki (The Dill) and James Mejia (Hand Drawn Dracula/Mejia Design).  I Want Light is available as a free digital download on Friday, February 12 and features cover artwork by Contreras’ son, Meesha Moon Contreras.

The first BDR song I heard was ‘Powersuit’ from Good Morning Beautiful. Musically it was on par with Revolver era Beatles stuff, and the voice was soulful, rich, and completely unique,” says Max Kerman of Arkells. “From there I discovered the rest of BDR’s material, and was blown away with how much quality lived in the songwriting and production. Jose [Contreras]’s work speaks for itself – it’s heartfelt, funny, rocking, and sweet all at the same time. He’s such a pro. For anyone who’s ever listened to BDR or seen him live, knows José is a musical treasure to behold.”

Take a listen.