Listen: “Wandering” by City Calm Down

“Wandering” from Melbourne band City Calm Down, off their debut full-length album In A Restless House (out on November 6th via I OH YOU Records).  The band shares some of the inspiration behind the clip.

In the video for ‘Wandering’, we were trying to capture that awkward anxiety one feels when they believe they are being misunderstood and disrespected, which inevitably leads to palpable frustration if not resolved. We felt that the contrast of the young boy singing the song, which features Jack’s baritone vocal, would heighten that sense of unease and awkwardness and frustration expressed in the song’s lyrics. We were a bit unsure as to whether that contrast would work, but Casey (who played the part) delivered a pretty amazing performance and really, everything just hangs on his expression and the way he spits the words out.”