Los Campesinos! New track! “Avocado, Baby”!

Welsh ensemble Los Campesinos! are not ones to waste time, are they? The band are set to release their fifth full length album in just short of six years with “No Blues“.

The latest offering from the new record, “Avocado, Baby” is more of what we love about the bratty twee-poppers: anthemic buildups and lyrical idiosyncrasies that fall just short of frenzy. The band are compositionally only getting more efficient, which can be noted with the track being sprinkled with breakdowns that end with the foot being slammed back on the accelerator. There’s much of what could be called their trademark on this song, but with such unique lyrical content and at such a near-derailing pace, it’s tough not to appreciate what Los Campesinos! have created for themselves over the past half-decade.

Listen to “Avocado, Baby” here, and preorder “No Blues”, set for release on October 29.