LSTN to #7

Urban Outfitters are still doing their music compilations. Just checked in the other day and saw that they are on #7 now! Think I missed three or four in between. LSTN #7 features The Dodos, The Depreciation Guild, Free Energy and two tracks we hyped on Indie Music Filter Volume 6 (Calypso Gold by Princeton and Dominos by The Big Pink). As well, LSTN #7 features one of my favorite songs of the year (that I tried to get for IMF Vol 6), Feel It All Around by Washed Out. E-mailed a few times to get clearance for the track for our mix, but no response. Guess we’ll need to team up with a chic lifestyle retailer before we start going after the harder to get tracks. Hope Depot presents Indie Music Filter Volume 7?

Gotta work on that.