Madràs: To Picture


You posted about the lovely Texan indie band Madràs this past summer. Your post inspired me to check them out. I’ve since contacted the band and we’ve worked together to produce three videos of their songs. I’ve included links to the videos below should you want to post them on the site. I did note that you included “someday” as an item in one of your playlists this year, and I thought you’d like to know a video for that one is included.

I am a videographer and musician, and my focus is on combining the two media in meaningful ways. I create many of my films by hunting down obscure file footage that I think fits the theme of the music I’ve selected, and then editing them down to moments where the subject matter intersects in a uniquely emotional way. When choosing with Madràs what their videos should consist of, we selected this method because of the unique ties it has to the sense of nostalgia and connection to the past that permeates their music.


Ayrton / once i / someday

Thank you,

Tyler Quiring