The Internet. It’s quite amazing. It proved this again to me today.

It gave us this a while back. Today, I found this. I think something has to be really amazing or horribly wrong for people to want to make their own video adaptations.

Sorry got distracted.

A while back I mentioned the band Maps. Still can’t find too too much about them on the net, perhaps Google thinks I’m looking for a different kind of maps (Yeah Yeah Yeahs). At least I could figure out that they are a band from the UK, signed to Last Space Recordings.

Due out this year will be a full length on Mute records, who kindly are hosting the video for Don’t Fear The Sun (see below). All of the music was written and recorded by a guy named James Chapman in his bedroom with a 16 track. He is joined live by more of a band.

Think about a mix between My Bloody Valentine, Four-Tet, Spiritualized and Sigur Ros. Honestly, I hear some interesting parallels to Sigur Ros’s Takk, one of my favourite records of the last 10 years. **Apparently, James spent time with Valgeir Sigurdsson (producer for Sigur Ros, worked with Bjork, Mum) this year in Iceland as well.

You can still find their song Lost My Soul here.

Check out the video for Don’t Fear The Sun. Everything you see in this video seems like the perfect fit for what the song sounds like at any one time. Very nice.