Mason Proper

What exactly is going on in the woods in Northern Michigan? If you’ve been to my site before, you might know I’m quite a fan of Mason Proper.

This tuesday (March 13th), Dovecote Records is set to release there is a MOTH in your chest. Some of the tracks will sound familiar, some have been online for a while on the bands myspace page. The main difference is, they’ve been reworked and they sound amazing thanks to the help of John O’Mahoney (Metric, Matt Pond PA). Take my enthusiasm for their music from my previous post and multiply it by at least 2 and a half.

To get your ears going, take a listen to Chemical Dress Eliza. There are moments in this song when I think of early Sloan, not sure exactly what it is. The undeniable is this songs ability to make you move. Even when you are stuck behind a desk.

It’s interesting to know that the band writes their music in an ‘assembly line process’. Every member contributes equal parts and ideas, adding and adding until the song is done. And from what I know of the record, expect to hear that assembly line create ‘beautifully charming and surprising pop arrangements’ juxtaposed by ecstatic guitars, noise and energy.

This one is called Carousel, Carousel. Enjoy.

Mason Proper