Maybe by Brock Enright


Who: Artist Brock Enright

What: From the debut album from artist Brock Enright called Torben, here’s a track that I’ve been digging today. The song “Maybe” lies on the A side ofthe LP (which is broken up intotwo distinct sides; Side A Day with Brock doing all the vocals is full of twisted rhythms while Side B Night is full of lullabies sung by his wife Kirsten). The duo have shocked the world with their art and exposed their personal life in the filmBrock Enright: Good Times Will Never Be the Same, “an often violent and sexually graphic road film that pushes boundaries and sets the artist on an irreversible path toward an impending emotional breakdown”.

Torben will be available June 29th on vinyl and also as part of a limited edition bundle, packaged with a DVD of the film, Vinyl LP, film poster and artwork by Brock Enright himself from the Factory 25 website.

You might have also heard of this guy from a Rolling Stone profile on his companyVideogames Adventure Services (VAS), which provided designer kidnapping services”. Talk about finding a niche.