Missed: Vacationer (SXSW)


I was checking my feeds today and came across three posts on Bedwetting Cosmonaut about new tracks from Vacationer, as the band is previewing their new record track by track, day by day on soundcloud.

Really, really liking what I’m hearing and am bummed about missing them last week at SXSW.  I actually did arrive to their set at the Hideout on time and took a seat in the audience, waiting for them to perform.  I’m not sure who’s fault it was, but the band didn’t start playing on time and we couldn’t wait any longer to see them start.  (I also tried to see MNDR late one of the nights, but her 1am set time didn’t happen because the whole schedule was one hour behind and the bar was strict on closing hours).  With all the great shows going on, I think bands really have to stick to that time schedule.  But if there’s technical problems, then what can you do?

Here’s a couple track for you to take in.