Morning Benders cover The Submarines and vice versa

So the Morning Benders and The Submarines are going on a North American tour together (details on their myspaces), and to commemorate this, they’ve done covers of each others songs. Check out:

Waiting For A War (Submarines version ) by The Morning Benders

1940 (Morning Benders version ) by The Submarines .

And from plus one music :

The Submarines will roll out the first of 2 new remix EP’s on Feb 17th digitally. The first EP includes remixes by AmpLive , Morgan Page , Alaska in Winter , and Tonetiger , and focuses on the You Me & the Bourgeoisie (as heard in the Apple 3G ads). The second EP, focusing on Submarine Symphonika, will follow soon – it features remixes by Ra Ra Riot , Wallpaper , Styrofoam , and others.

And on February 24th, the morning benders will be releasing a brand new EP, grain of salt,’ which will feature the title track, one of their live staples, and three previously unreleased b-sides. You can check out (& post) one of these b-sides, called your dark side’ here .