Moving Day

It’s been really quiet on Indie Music Filter this week, as I’ve been occupied with an office move to a new place in the East End in Toronto.  My business partner found a building with great potential on Gerrard St. East and for months, has had the space renovated to what is now our new office space.  There’s been a series of delays, so many in fact, that I’m surprised we’re actually now moved in.  Too bad we can’t find the box that had almost all of the office phones…..

As I write this, I’m sitting in my nearly set up office, with a window looking out towards the back patio.  It’s totally dark everywhere and I’ve got the tunes turned up.  Like this one, the song “Young & Free” by Sucré.  I tweeted this track a week ago while perusing Rdio’s latest releases,  noting that there was just something awesome about this tune.  Today, while catching up in the feeds, I read more about the band on All Things Go.  Sucré is the solo project of Stacy King, with her new tunes produced by Stacy’s husband Darren King (drummer and co-founder of MuteMath) and Jeremy Larson.  She’s just about to hit the road (beginning on Thursday in Houston, TX), check her website for more details.

And now back to regular posting….